Hi, I'm Lissa!

I'm an illustrator and graphic designer who lives in St. Paul, Minnesota. I'm all about dogs, mental health, and beautiful design. Work with me on your branding and marketing at LissaLi.com!

As a 20-something, I use Hello Coloring™ for my mental health. There's something about coloring an illustration that just brings peace of mind and a smile to my face! 

It's my goal to help bring you rest and the joy of coloring.


Join Hello Coloring™ for $5/month!

Why Join Hello Coloring™? 

It's great for rest

If you're an adult who struggles with rest, I encourage you to color. I have found that it's so relaxing–just check out my Instagram to see me color! 

It helps you bond with your kids

Hello Coloring was born when I drew a few coloring pages for my nieces (ages 3 & 6.) They have a unicorn obsession, so of course that's where I started. They colored for HOURS.

It is an awesome gift for the kids in your life

If you're a cool aunt, like me, you can send Hello Coloring™ pages to your niece, nephew, or grandkid as a birthday or Christmas gift!

I'm all about mental health, coloring, and making pretty fun things on Instagram!